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There is no doubt that attractive mature trees are an asset to most properties. They shade the home in the summer and add interest during the winter months. However, care should be taken to prevent the limbs from hanging too close to the home. According to Morris County roofers, a tree can pose a threat to the roof in several different ways.

Listen to the wind move around the house and see if any tree branches can be heard scraping the roof. While some people may not be bothered by the sound, the fact is that any roof will be damaged by the added friction. Asphalt shingles have protective granules that make them more waterproof, and those granules are dislodged when something rubs against them for a prolonged period. The movement of the branches can also lead to gouging and leaks.

Overhanging branches also serve as a convenient conveyance for squirrels, rats and mice. These rodents can jump off overhanging limbs and then enter the attic space through damaged roof louvers or other openings.

When having the tree trimmed back, it's not enough to keep the branches from rubbing against the home.

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Care should also be taken to cut the branches back enough that a damaged branch will not fall directly onto the roof and damage the surface. Keeping the branches trimmed back will also minimize the amount of leaves and debris that are blown onto the roof and into the gutters. Anytime there are trees near the home, the risk of clogged gutters and downspouts increases. Ideally, homeowners should invest in gutter guards to protect the rain collection system and minimize problems.

One of the biggest threats is that a tree may come down in a storm and fall onto the home. If a tree near the home is dying and showing signs of failure, then it's a good idea to have it removed in a safe and controlled manner. Any dying or dead branches should also be professionally removed so that they won't blow down in a storm.

There are some benefits to trees that should not be ignored. Strategically placed away from the home, they shade the shingles to prevent heat damage, help break the wind and keep the home more comfortable. Balancing the line between harmful trees and beneficial landscaping is easy when these tips are followed. Homeowners are encouraged to protect their expensive roofing by working with arborists and landscapers to avoid the pitfalls of trees and minimize the risk of damage.

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