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Morris County Roofers: Article About Understanding The Parts Of The Roof

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Whether they have asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, slate tiles or metal panels, most homeowners could tell you the name of the roofing material that's most visible. However, there are many different parts that make up a roof, and all of them need to be in good shape to keep the home in good condition. Getting familiar with these less common terms can help when it's time to talk to Morris county roofers about fixing the roof or getting a replacement.

Directly underneath the main roofing system lie the decking and a waterproof underlayment. The decking is made of large sheets of plywood and forms the main structure of the roof. The underlayment provides a waterproof layer to keep the roof protected if the outside starts to fail. No matter what type of roofing materials are used, they're attached to the decking.

The decking sits on top of the rafters. These are the planks that form the skeleton of the roof, and they're often visible from inside the attic. In many cases, the rafters will last for years, but if the roof leaks or gets dry rot spores, those beams may need to be replaced.

At the very top of the roof, visible to those on the ground, is the ridge. This is where the sides fit together to form a peak. In many cases, there's a piece of material called a ridge cap that sits here, allowing air to flow into the attic to keep it at the appropriate temperature.

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Many roofs have portions called valleys. These occur where two parts of the roof fit together. For example, it would be seen in a home that has an L or T shape, but it's commonly found in many roof styles. It's essential that the roofing materials be properly placed around these areas as they are one of the places where it's most common to find leaking.

Around the chimney or vents, in the valleys, at the ridge and along the edges, roofers install something called flashing. This material is used to reduce the chance of leaking. In some cases, homeowners select flashing made from zinc, which can prevent moss and algae from growing on the roof.

Finally, the eaves are the parts of the roof that hang over the sides of the homes. It's important that these areas are kept free from holes as they're a prime location for pests like birds and squirrels to gain entry to the home.

All of these parts work together to keep the home protected, and it's essential to check for any damages. A yearly roof inspection helps ensure that every part of the roof is in good condition.

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