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Urgent home repairs can lead to some unexpected and worrisome expenses, but homeowners may be able to get some help paying for a roof repair. Roof warranties and homeowners insurance policies cover a wide range of roof problems, and homeowners can tap into that assistance in the right circumstances.

Most qualified Morris County roofers can help guide homeowners through the warranty and insurance claims process, but homeowners should know a little about the various requirements and limitations involved ahead of time.

Roof warranties come in many forms, some from roof installers themselves and some from roof manufacturers. The best roof manufacturer warranty covers the cost of roof repairs or replacement, whether the problem is a result of faulty installation or caused by product defects.

Similarly, homeowner's insurance policies differ widely in scope and coverage amount. Events that cause roof failures are usually covered in a policy's property damage section, often referred to as Coverage A. All risk policies tend to be more generous, addressing all roof events except those expressly excluded from the policy. At the other end of the spectrum, named peril coverage only handles roof damage caused by events that are specifically written in the policy.

The roofing contractors from Peter W Smith Construction of Morris County would be happy to answer any questions you have about siding repair or roof repair.

The first step in determining whether a warranty or insurance policy may cover roof repairs is to schedule a roof inspection. The roofing contractor assesses the roof damage and makes a report on the cause and extent of the damage. Once the report is sent to the roof manufacturer or insurance company claims adjuster, a determination will be made as to whether the repair or replacement is covered.

A number of issues may affect that determination. The age and condition of the roof is a key factor in evaluating how much damage the warranty may cover. To keep a warranty valid, for instance, homeowners usually must perform regularly scheduled maintenance on their roofs throughout the course of its lifespan. Homeowners may need to prove that this maintenance was completed by providing roofing contractor receipts for the service calls. Other requirements may also apply to the warranty, so homeowners should read their roof warranties carefully and diligently follow its provisions.

Sometimes, damage to the home caused by roof failure may be covered by both the warranty and the homeowner's insurance policy. This is often true in cases where the warranty covers repairs for a leaking roof but doesn't cover the cost of replacing home furnishings damaged by that leak. In this case, those consequential damages may be covered by the homeowners insurance policy.

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