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A roof's surface is exposed to the harsh heat and UV rays of summer weather, and it also endures the freezing temperatures, rain and storms of winter. Keeping a roof in good condition and ensuring it provides trouble free protection requires that homeowners keep up with a regular maintenance schedule. One problem that plagues many homeowners is the formation of ice dams on their roofs. While it's certainly not unusual to see roofs with ice ridges forming along the eaves, it is important that homeowners realize that this is a sign of trouble. Whenever ice ridges are forming, it's imperative that homeowners take action to remedy the problem that is causing the ice to accumulate.

Leading Morris County roofers can help homeowners protect their roof from potential damage. When the threat of ice dams are eliminated, so is the risk of roof damage. Whether a home has metal shingles, wood shake or asphalt shingles, keeping the right environment under the roof is an essential part of protecting it from potential damage.

An experienced roofing contractor will first make sure that the roof is in good condition.

The roofers from Peter W Smith Construction of Morris County NJ would be happy to answer any questions you have about roof replacement or gutters.

Regardless of what work is done in the attic, if the exterior of the roof is in need of repairs, getting this taken care of before winter weather sets in is going to be an integral part of protecting the home.

The next thing that needs to be inspected is the attic. If the attic does not have adequate ventilation, the homeowner will likely have problems with ice dams forming on the roof. In order to protect the roof from ice dams, the roof needs to stay properly ventilated on the underside. A warm roof leads to uneven snow melt on its surface. Unfortunately, when snow starts to melt at the top of the roof, but not along the eaves, there is no place for the water to drain. The water then ends up freezing in ridges along the roof edges, creating a blockage that results in pooling water.

When improving attic ventilation is necessary, roofing contractors can install eave and soffit vents as well as attic fans. The vents allow better air flow, and the attic fans will pull cool air into the attic, allowing warm air to be pushed out.

Another area of concern when trying to keep an attic cool during the winter is the amount of insulation that is used. If the R value of the attic's insulation is not high enough to protect against thermal heat transfer, heat from the home can rise into the attic. Correcting insulation problems is typically easy and can be handled by a professional roofing contractor.

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