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The installation of wood shake systems can be highly advantageous, especially if homeowners know what type of aesthetic they want. Morris County roofers can provide their customers with an efficient installation, but it will be up to the individuals to choose a system that will suit their needs. Not all systems are designed to work the same, and, by planning ahead, homeowners will be able to choose the best primary wood for their roof's surface. There are advantages and disadvantages that come with each variety, so individuals should be sure to familiarize themselves with each for the best results.

Perhaps the most commonly recognized and used type of wood surfacing material is red cedar. Red cedar is valued for its rich, earthy tone, and it can provide the roof with a durable installation. These shingles are designed to withstand all types of physical and elemental trauma, making them ideal for all types of installations. They are natural dense, which allows them to stand out as some of the most durable and desirable wood materials available.

Homeowners who are interested in a lighter material for their roofing system will be able to invest in pine. Pine limber is reliable and flexible, which can be particularly desirable for the rooftop because it will be able to keep up with thermal movements over the seasons.

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Pine shingles are also commonly chosen for roof applications because they are very affordable and easy to install. Individuals will be able to match them with both traditional and modern hones.

Another readily available option is redwood. Redwood shingles are commonly chosen for more intensive procedures, as they are even more durable than red cedar. They are capable of providing the home with a very large degree of protection, as they are hardier and capable of resisting the effects of weathering and natural trauma. This lumber is also valued for its ability to naturally stave off insects, as it secretes a special oil that deters potential pests from ruining its structural integrity.

Finally, cyprus lumber can be another excellent option for rooftop applications. This wood is advantageous because of its rich color and its natural ability to resist insects and damage. Cyprus is a naturally hardy material that is able to withstand all types of elemental trauma. When it is installed correctly, homeowners can expect to get upwards of 60 years of use from it, especially if they keep up with their regular maintenance schedule.

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