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Experienced contractors at Peter W. Smith Construction, Inc. understand that gutters are a core component to a roofing system's longevity. Without a consistent pathway for water to flow off the roof, shingles can experience extensive damage when moisture is allowed to penetrate the structure below. Water damage repairs are much more expensive and serious in nature compared to frequent rooftop maintenance costs. Upon inspection, the professionals at Peter W. Smith Construction, Inc. can make homeowners aware of specific gutter care maintenance points.

When the company's roofers step onto a property, they will typically first inspect the gutter system from the ground. From this vantage point, they can easily determine if the gutter been damaged or detached from the building. The contractors will also use ladders to access the building's roof edge for a better look. With closer inspection, they can offer homeowners an accurate estimate for the extent of the damage they find. The roofers will determine if the project involves a simple repair or if whole sections are in need of reattachment or replacement.

Roofers can also look for proper alignment across horizontal gutter lengths. Each length must have a slight angle toward the ground, encouraging water to flow rapidly downward. If alignments are off, puddling or backups could occur. Roofers adjust connection points to angle the system in an optimal way, so that water flows efficiently from the rooftop to the ground.

In snow prone regions, ice damming can pose a threat to roof longevity. The roofing experts at Peter W. Smith Construction, Inc. examine the roof and gutter system together to verify that sufficient ventilation contributes to a consistent temperature across the roof surface. If the roof is warmer at its center, ice damming occurs right at the junction of the edge and gutter system. Gutter clogs can be removed to prevent this phenomenon.

Proper roof drainage also includes runoff to the ground below. Contractors adjust downspouts away from the home's foundation to protect the structure itself. Puddling water only contributes to structural decay.

Homeowners can observe their roof's gutter systems between appointments. It's crucial to be aware of any sounds or unusual appearances around the roof's eaves. If homeowners note anything strange occurring with the gutter system, especially after a strong storm, contacting Peter W. Smith Construction for an evaluation should be the next step. The services provided by the company will ensure that early issues don't develop into major problems.

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