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Siding is another one of the company's specialties. The professionals that work with Peter W. Smith Construction, Inc. can provide customers with a variety of siding related services, including new installations, replacements and general repairs. It is recommended that customers learn more about their siding options before choosing the proper installation for their home.

One of the most frequently featured materials in siding installations is aluminum. Aluminum siding is usually installed in panels comprised of varying thicknesses and widths. These are usually available in a standard clapboard style, which can be painted over after the installation is complete. This means that the homeowner will be able to enjoy a degree of versatility in the home's siding appearance. The panels can also be trimmed according to their size requirements, making them one of the most customizable siding options available. Aluminum is typically a prime option due to its durability and ability to withstand natural rot, fire and weather damage.

Another commonly chosen siding material is known as fiber cement. Fiber cement is a basic option that consists of cement, sand, clay and wood fiber mixed together to create a sturdy and applicable substance. It is available in shingles and clapboard styles, and the surface can allow homeowners to paint over it, creating versatile design opportunities. Because of the nature of the material, it is commonly chosen for colder and warmer climates, where the siding will not expand or contract due to the weather changes. The material is also very easy to repair with application of a similar compound if cracks and dings start to appear.

Finally, the company can provide homeowners with vinyl siding installations. Vinyl is one of the most widely used materials because it is functional and durable. While the materials themselves cannot be painted over, they are available in many different colors and finishes that can create the desired exterior appearance. Vinyl can also be installed with foam backing, which can help insulate the home, creating a more soundproof and comfortable environment. As one of the most affordable options, homeowners should be aware that vinyl siding can crack and warp after a few years, especially after it has been exposed to high temperatures.

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