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Roofing has come a long way in recent decades as more advanced materials are developed and new technologies are applied to residential and commercial roofing projects. Somerset County roofers are keeping up with these innovations. Home and business owners, however, may require additional information, especially if they are considering roof renovation or replacement in the near future. Many roofing advances that are gaining popularity right now involve increased energy efficiency, sustainability, and durability of materials.

Cool roof technology is one of these developments that is beginning to have an impact on homes and businesses located in urban areas. These roofs are not designed just to increase energy efficiency, but also to combat the heat island effect that makes many cities warmer and decreases local air quality. Durable and low maintenance, cool roofs absorb less heat and also transfer less heat back into the environment, mitigating the negative effects associated with urban roofing materials. Research suggests that widespread implementation of cool roof technologies could result in a savings of $1 billion in annual cooling costs.

Green roofs are another alternative. This technique only works for flat roofs, but should be considered wherever possible.

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Green roofing involves the installation of basic plant cover or an eco friendly garden on the roof top. The plants prevent the roof from absorbing so much heat during the day. Although maintenance is clearly required, the results can be visually pleasing and add a new dimension to a structure.

Acrylic roofing systems are another important advance. Designed for flat or low slope roofs, acrylic roofing is designed to waterproof roofs, new or existing, to reduce the chance of leaking and to increase durability. The system is composed of a premium grade elastomeric liquid acrylic coating and a layer of polyester reinforcing fabric. The fabric layer is sandwiched between coats of the liquid acrylic to form a waterproof barrier far superior to those used in previous decades. Acrylic roofing systems are also budget friendly and easy to repair as needed throughout their lifespan.

Synthetic roofing products are also trending as more homeowners adopt synthetic tile or stone for their roofs. These look just as attractive and appealing as terracotta or slate, but are lighter weight, more durable, and often less costly to install. Many types of synthetic materials also work well with green and sustainable technologies to create the ideal roofing system for homeowners or business owners who want to support the environment or take advantage of energy savings.

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