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Purchasing a new roof is an expensive undertaking, so it's important to select the right roofing material in order to maximize the benefit of the investment. More homeowners are putting their money towards metal roofing when upgrading their properties. Even though it's about twice the price of convenient asphalt shingles, metal roofing is an attractive, maintenance free option. Many Somerset County roofers offer a wide range of steel, aluminum, copper, zinc and other alloy products formulated for strength. Giving a home a total makeover with quality metal roofing is a smart choice that reaps the following advantages.

Metal roofs give homeowners the gift of long lasting value that won't quickly diminish with wear and tear like traditional shingles. Premium metal roofing products can withstand the elements for 40 to 70 years, which is nearly triple the average lifespan of asphalt. Homeowners can rely on their properly installed metal roof to seal out water, survive high winds and shed snowfall. Metal roofs are noncombustible with the highest Class A fire rating. The metal won't spark flames during a wildfire, lightning strike or intense heat wave.

Eco friendly homeowners often turn to metal roofing due to its energy efficiency. Metal roofs are designed to reflect radiant heat from the sun. This will keep the indoor temperature cooler and lower air conditioning use significantly, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint.

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Most metal roofing is made primarily from recycled content that would otherwise litter the Earth in landfills. Unlike asphalt shingles, metal materials are also fully recyclable at the end of their lifespan. Metal roofing can even be applied right over an existing roof without tearing off wasted shingles.

Since metal roofing is lightweight at 50 to 150 pounds per square, there's rarely a need to add extra roof support members. Experienced contractors can install a metal roof with ease due to the convenient interlocking panels. In fact, a metal roof can even be installed onto homes with low pitch without causing any concerns regarding leakage. Although inspections must be performed regularly, metal roofing doesn't require periodic maintenance. Most metal materials come with warranties that indicate the durability of the material.

Overall, metal roofing offers homeowners a variety of benefits. Popular myths may declare that metal roofs are noisy during rainstorms and rust in the East Coast climate, but today's metal roof systems can handle decades of abuse from extreme weather, including winds up to 140 mph. Quality metal roofs even add to the resale value of the home, making this investment particularly wise.

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