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Homeowners choosing to replace their current gutters are increasingly interested in seamless gutter options instead of more traditional sectional gutters. Somerset County roofers install both rain gutter types, but many homeowners are taking advantage of the benefits that seamless gutters have to offer as they replace existing gutters. Here is some additional information to help make that decision easier.

Near the end of their life span, sectional gutters frequently begin to fail or experience leaking and other issues at their seams first. This is where the structure and materials are weakest and most vulnerable to rust, corrosion or other types of wear and damage. For some gutter types, this can also translate into warping and bending.

Gutters also have a greater tendency to clog near seams as leaves and twigs become caught there. This causes further deterioration and other issues, including overflow. In turn, the unmitigated overflow of rainwater and runoff can damage the siding and foundation of the home over time, as well as negatively impact landscaping.

Alternatively, seamless gutter systems do not have the same issues with deterioration at sectional boundaries. In fact, they only have seams at corners, instead of every ten feet, which is common for segmented gutters. The seamless type is more structurally sound and more resistant to weather and moisture overall.

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This is a major reason for their increasing popularity.

Most gutters for new homes are aluminum, which offers both strength and affordability. Homeowners seeking a more attractive material frequently choose copper. The curb appeal is usually worth the added cost. Copper gutters generally perform well and age with the structure to create a pleasing Old World look for the home.

Vinyl has fallen out of favor as a construction material for gutters because of its short life span and inability to withstand damage. Vinyl gutters typically do not last much beyond ten years with rigorous maintenance and repair. As additional alternatives, zinc and steel are choices that are slightly more expensive than aluminum, but less so than copper. Unfortunately, steel may rust, especially if not coated with zinc or aluminum.

Although seamless gutters are much less prone to seasonal clogging, homeowners still may wish to consider adding leaf guards. These can make maintenance much easier. Roofing professionals recommend that homeowners have their gutters cleared twice a year. The most critical period is after the leaves have fallen in autumn, but a spring cleaning is recommended as well, especially for homes in forested areas.

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