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Cedar shake roofs are quaintly traditional in appearance, and they are popular because of their ability to age gracefully into a rich gray color. Besides their beautiful aesthetic, these shingles are very energy efficient and will last upwards of 60 years with the right care. Somerset County roofers can offer homeowners advice on whether or not this type of roof is the correct choice for their home.

Homeowners concerned with the environment choose cedar shakes because they're reusable once they've reached the end of their life as a roof. Used shakes can be shredded and turned into wood chips for landscaping mulch. If they aren't repurposed, wood will break down in landfills and reduce how much waste stays in landfills long term. If there are concerns about how these shingles are harvested, companies certified by the Forest Stewardship Council obtain their cedar in a sustainable manner.

Wood is naturally efficient at reducing how much energy a home loses. Cedar allows better air circulation in the building and doesn't trap moisture inside like poorly insulated roofs do. A properly laid wood roof will essentially have three layers of shingles which make it an incredible insulator in the winter. This also makes it very durable. Cedar roofs hold up extremely well to strong winds and storms.

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As long as the wood is kept clean and maintained, it will be able to withstand most weather elements.

The hardest part of having a cedar shake roof is finding a roofing company familiar with the materials. If the shingles are laid improperly, the roof is at risk for serious leaks because the shakes will split or warp. Cedar isn't the best choice for homes in climates with significant moisture because it will be a constant battle against moss and fungus growth. While there are topical treatments to prevent and treat these infestations, too much moisture will make a large amount of maintenance necessary. Trees need to be kept well trimmed to limit how much shade the shakes get. Too much shade will also facilitate the growth of microorganisms and speed up the roof's natural deterioration.

Wood roofs are rich in character and fairly low in maintenance despite being made of natural materials. Before having a cedar roof laid, homeowners should consider their climate and how much time they're willing to put into maintaining the roof. Annual inspections and cleaning are really all cedar needs, and homeowners will be rewarded with a beautiful, unique roof.

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