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Somerset County Roofers: Article About Benefits Of Using Vinyl Fascia Board

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Traditionally, fascia board has been made of wood or aluminum. The wood is formed into long planks by the manufacturer and then primed and painted to protect them from the weather. Placed horizontally behind the gutters, fascia board works to keep the gutters secured to the roof and guards the exterior of the house against insect pests, small rodents or bats and other animals. In harsh climates, the fascia board must be able to withstand heavy winds, rain, snow and hail.

Some homeowners have hired experienced Somerset County roofers to install cedar plank in hopes of increasing the fascia's durability and longevity. Other homeowners have used aluminum or aluminum covered wood products since metal is less likely to deteriorate. However, the paint that protects the aluminum will begin peeling long before the metal wears out. When that happens, the fascia board can rust or mold. Plus, aluminum is a soft metal, so it can easily dent during a hailstorm.

Therefore, another option that many homeowners in New Jersey might appreciate is vinyl. Vinyl fascia board is just as strong as metal, but it won't peel or dent. Where wood products tend to deteriorate with age, vinyl fascia, soffit and trim holds up well over time. Vinyl can also be beneficial if the home is prone to ice dams because the fascia board is the first aspect of the roof that encounters any water that backs up behind the dam.

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For that reason, vinyl provides a waterproof barrier that can protect the roof's edge from moisture damage.

Available in different styles that can easily match the current architecture or vinyl siding of the home, most vinyl products are made of recycled materials, so they are environmentally friendly as well as durable. Instead of painting the outside of the board, color is baked right into the vinyl. The fascia won't fade when exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, and it won't blister. Scratches are also difficult to see, especially from the ground. The boards do need to be regularly cleaned.

Many manufacturers will also give homeowners a lifetime, non prorated warranty. However, the warranty will generally require the fascia to be installed professionally. Fascia board needs to be installed by a licensed contractor because proper installation techniques are vital to its ability to protect the roof. Since it is placed directly underneath the roof line and behind the gutters, it isn't just trim. Connected to the rafter tails, it provides an extra layer of protection between the roof's edge and the environment.

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