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Many homeowners are unaware that, with the addition of the right materials, the roof on a home can be transformed into an eco friendly structure. Not only can this help reduce the homeowner's carbon footprint, but it can also increase the home's energy efficiency. For those who want to install a green roof, there are a few options to choose from with the help of Somerset County roofers.

Slate is an ideal eco friendly option due to its longevity. Slate roofs can last hundreds of years, which reduces the amount of waste materials that are discarded and that end up in landfills. As opposed to asphalt roofs, which must be torn off and discarded every 20 years or so, slate roofing materials can be partially recycled. They also have the ability to insulate the inside of a building, which heats the spaces and reduces the work the home's HVAC system must do.

Metal roofs can also be considered green roofs due to the recycled aluminum, copper and steel that is used in the product's manufacture. Metal roofs are also capable of being recycled and repurposed multiple times.

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Their materials also have high solar reflectance properties and can deflect the sun's UV rays, which prevents the building from absorbing too much heat. This helps to keep the property cooler for longer periods of time. Since much of homeowner's energy bills come from air conditioning, a reflective roof can save the homeowner thousands of dollars annually on cooling costs.

Clay tiles are also a popular choice that are both durable and energy efficient. Clay has the ability to protect the building's interiors from excess heat. Clay's consistency makes it very difficult for heat from the outdoors to penetrate the roof. The curved shape of the tiles also helps with ventilation and its heavy weight works to keep cool air indoors.

Single ply thermostat roofs have recently increased in popularity due to their insulating properties. They can also endure prolonged exposure to sunlight and won't experience normal wear. Although they are typically available in black, single ply thermostat roofs are also available in white shades to prevent the building from attracting as much heat on sunny days.

Treating regular shingles or shakes with a reflective roof coating can also help make these materials more eco friendly. These roof coatings are most effective on bumpy roofs because, as opposed to smooth roofs, more sunlight reflects off of bumpy roofs' textured surface area.

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