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Somerset County Roofers: Article About Building Codes and Planning Ahead

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Some aspects of building a roof are handled only by the contractor, so the average homeowner might not be aware of them. One is knowing the area building codes. These vary considerably throughout the United States depending on the location. Somerset County roofers must observe local building codes when repairing or replacing a roof. Applying for permits must be done prior to starting the project, and different stages of construction may require a close examination in addition to the final inspection.

Getting an idea of what supplies are needed ahead of time avoids making unnecessary extra trips to the supply house or spending more than originally planned. This requires an estimate. Roofers are skilled at estimating the material needed for a roof. An inclinometer is placed on the roof peak to record the measurement, and then the total square footage of every section of the roof is determined to get a total. Using a roof pitch factor chart for additional square footage requirements helps to accurately order the material in standard squares.

Aside from lumber, underlayment, and shingles, contractors will check local building codes for attic ventilation requirements in the area.

The roofing contractors from Peter W Smith Construction of Somerset County would be happy to answer any question you have about roof repair or residential roofing.

When it comes to deciding where to purchase supplies, a licensed builder generally has contracts with local distributors, master retailers, and lumber dealers.

As the project moves along, a homeowner might wonder what a contractor does with all the old roofing and excess materials. If they are not trucking the debris out themselves to the dump or nearby transfer station, they will have rented a container from the local waste management company, which will drop it off and pick it up for a fee.

Another option for debris removal is recycling. Some transfer stations have recycling arrangements but need to be called in advance to see if there are any special requirements such as sorting the materials. The materials eligible for recycling are the shingles, underlayment, and nails. Keeping them separate as they come off the roof will save money because it makes the recycler's job easier. Certified green roofers follow environmentally friendly business practices that include recycling.

A contractor should tear off old materials to repair or replace decayed or weakened plywood and framing, exchange bad flashing, and mount suitable soffit ventilation. They also remove old material to install leak barriers and seal areas prone to leaking, like dormers, skylights and chimneys. These things are done to construct a roof system that will last while observing building codes.

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