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Clay tiles are among the most beautiful and unique roofing materials available. They exist in an abundance of shapes, colors and textures. A historical type of decorative roofing, clay tiles were originally made by hand. Today, the vast majority of clay tiles are created by a machine. Clay tiles also have a long life span; they can last 100 years or more. However, a routine maintenance schedule is vital for preserving the life of clay tile roofs, just as with any other type of roofing system.

The most common cause of clay tile deterioration Somerset County roofers see is damage from frost, followed by the failure of the tile fastening system. Additionally, just like any other roof, deteriorated flashing, roof valleys and poorly installed gutters can also lead to the premature failure of this type of roof. The roof deck itself also can be an area of concern because of the heavy weight of clay tiles. It's essential to have a sturdy substructure that can support the weight of many materials.

Clay tiles are also vulnerable to damage if care isn't taken when walking on the roof. Overgrowing tree branches can dislodge tiles, falling branches can cause damage, and severe hail can also damage clay tiles.

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If tiles are broken, water can seep into the roofing structure, especially if the roof is not promptly repaired.

If a clay tile roof is leaking, it can be tricky to find the source of the leak. Roofers may need to search the attic or go up onto the roof to strategically remove tiles in the suspected area of the leak. There are ways to repair the roof temporarily while waiting for replacement clay tiles. Some options include plastic sheets or roofing felt. One of the most difficult aspects of replacing a single clay tile is not damaging any of the surrounding tiles during the process. For this reason, it makes sense to have extra tiles on hand during any repair.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find an exact match for the tiles on an older clay tile roof. If the repair is in a highly visible area, one option is to move original tiles from a less visible area of the roof to make the repair. Then the new, mismatched tiles can be installed in the less visible area.

When a clay tile roof is installed properly, it requires very little maintenance. Clay tiles will frequently outlast the building that they cover. By quickly replacing any damaged or missing tiles, and keeping gutters and downspouts cleared, a homeowner can ensure the long life of their clay tile roof.

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