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Gutters can be made from a wide variety of materials, including everything from vinyl to copper, but the most popular is aluminum. Gutters run along the edges of a roof in order to provide a pathway for water running off of a roof to flow through. Water is channeled from gutters to a downspout, which runs parallel from the roof to the ground.

Gutters keep water from damaging the roof, the exterior walls, and the foundation of a home. Therefore, if homeowners notice problems with their gutters, they should contact Somerset County roofers to resolve the problem sooner rather than later, as the price of repairs will only continue to increase as the problem worsens.

When gutters are functioning properly, they keep water from running off of the roof of a home. If outside walls get wet and stay wet, they may end up discolored, and mold and mildew may also form. This can lead to damage around doors and windows as well as to other areas of the home.

It's also important that water does not pool around the home's foundation.

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The foundation can be damaged by too much exposure to water, and the water can erode soil around the base of a home. This is why gutters not only keep water from simply falling off the roof but also send water to the downspout, which transports liquid a few feet away from a home.

Some of the most common problems that gutters may develop are leaks, clogs and the presence of sagging. When gutters start leaking, it is often because they have rusted through. Another popular issue occurs when gutter connections become lose, creating gaps in the system. Although it is fairly uncommon, hail can also create holes in gutters.

Clogs are very common when gutters are not cleaned and maintained properly. Clogs occur when an accumulation of debris, such as twigs, leaves and insects, build up. When clogs develop, water is not able to flow quickly and freely, so it may pool at the edge of the roof. When water stays in the same place on a roof, it may cause a depression to form, which facilitates the creation of other leaks.

When a gutter is clogged, the weight of the debris buildup may cause the gutter to sag. This can lead to the gutter tilting away from the downspout instead of towards it, so water is trapped and cannot flow freely out of the gutter.

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