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Somerset County Roofers: Article About Common Mistakes Made With Wood Shingles

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Historic homes with wood shingle roofs are hard to find because so many of them have been replaced with modern materials. Homeowners lucky enough to have a home with wood shingles will be surprised to learn how easy these roofs are to maintain. However, every wood roof will have an expiration date. If the roof needs to be replaced, homeowners should only hire Somerset County Roofers that are experienced in wood shingle roofs.

Roofs with the longest lifespans have one thing in common: They are well ventilated. Shingles should never be put directly on top of solid sheathing and the attic rafters shouldn't be heavily insulated. Rafters heavily packed with insulation will significantly reduce the airflow and result in moisture damage on any wooden roof structures. Homes with air conditioning systems require good attic ventilation or condensation related issues will arise very quickly. Homeowners who must use attic insulation should ensure their contractors create ventilation channels between the attic rafters and the roof's decking. Heavy felt building papers should never be used, but vapor barriers will greatly reduce the risk of any moisture damage.

Traditional roofing materials function best using traditional installation methods. Many roofers use pneumatic staple guns to attach shingles because it's efficient, but staples will damage the wood. The wood fibers are crushed, and the shingle will become cracked and useless.

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A roofer experienced with wood shingles knows that nails are the best way to affix these kinds of shingles. The nails need to be long enough that they go into the roof decking at least 3/4 inch deep to properly affix the shingle and prevent cracking. A pneumatic nail gun used properly is fine to use on these types of shingles. The best nails to use are either stainless steel, zinc coated, aluminum and hot dipped.

Professionals mistakenly believe a roof can't be efficient without using roofing felt. While this may be true in roofs shingled with asphalt, the wood is enough by itself when it's laid properly. A wood shingled roof laid correctly has three layers of shingles with only one third of each shingle exposed. This provides enough coverage to avoid any moisture leaks. Roofers unfamiliar with traditional roofing practices leave too much of the shingle exposed to reduce how many shingles are used. To compensate, they'll lay building felts to make the roof waterproof. This material ends up holding onto moisture, speeding up how quickly the shingle deteriorates.

Wood shingle roofs require a significant investment, so homeowners would do well to hire roofing companies that know how to utilize traditional roofing methods.

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