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When it comes to maintaining a roof, many of the problems homeowners face are easily preventable. From leaking roofs to structural damage, some of the most common roofing problems are caused or worsened by misconceptions that many homeowners have about roof maintenance. This article will discuss the most common roofing myths. Homeowners should consult Somerset County roofers for more information on avoiding some of these mistakes in the future.

One of the biggest myths homeowners face is the idea that a small problem can go untreated without any serious consequences. The truth is that roofing problems only get worse with time. A small leak in a roof will eventually become a large one that causes far more damage than the cost of repairing a small leak. The best way to handle a problem with any part of a roof is to call a qualified roofing expert as soon as the problem is noticed.

Another myth that homeowners fall prey to is that gutter maintenance has nothing to do with the overall function of the roof.

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It is easy to let the buildup of leaves, water and snow in the gutters during the colder months go on without being addressed, but that clutter puts a serious strain on the roofing system. The gutters are designed to direct water away from the house, preventing the development of structural damage. When gutters become clogged, the roof and other parts of the home can easily become damaged. It is important to remember that gutters should be replaced whenever a roof is replaced to ensure that they are compatible. Failing to properly maintain gutters can result in water logging as well as rot in the vulnerable sheathing underneath the roof. Both of these issues are far more expensive than having someone come out to regularly clean the gutters.

The idea that it is not necessary to replace the flashing on a roof is one that costs many homeowners a significant amount of money. Flashing can deteriorate without showing any signs of wear on the surface. Water damage can occur without a homeowner realizing anything is wrong when water works its way around the roof due to a small crack in rusted flashing. Loose flashing also poses a serious risk to the structural integrity of a roof. If homeowners witness any of these problems, the best option is to contact a professional immediately before the damage can become worse.

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