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One of the most important tasks homeowners can conduct in order to safeguard the integrity of their roof is to hire experienced Somerset County roofers to perform regular, extensive roof inspections at least twice a year. Scheduling inspections can make the difference between a roof that exceeds its estimated longevity and a roof that prematurely fails. There are many benefits associated with roof inspections, including reduced chances for the need for emergency repairs after inclement weather strikes and reduced risk for damage to the interior of the home.

In most cases, homeowners should ensure their roof is inspected during the spring and the fall. The spring inspection can help contractors identify any defects that have developed due to heavy snow accumulation in the winter, and the fall inspection can help contractors identify any defects that have occurred because of exposure to intense heat during the summer. Homeowners should also ensure that their roof is inspected prior to harsh weather patterns.

The methods that roofing contractors use to properly inspect the roof may vary, based on the materials that have been used during the construction of the structure. For example, single ply or metal roofs require different inspection methods than built up roofs require. The ultimate goal of the contractor will be to ensure all components are structurally sound.

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While the inspection process may vary for each type of roof, several common problems are often seen with roofing. One of the most common is a restricted drainage system. Gutters and downspouts can easily become clogged with debris, such as leaves and twigs. If water is not allowed to move freely, ponding water can develop on portions of the roof and can even start to back up underneath the roof's membrane. Prolonged water exposure can also cause some of the materials on the roof to eventually breakdown.

Another common problem that occurs on many different types of roofs is inadequate ventilation, which can result in poor air circulation that adversely affects the underneath portion of the roofing materials. Roofing contractors will ensure there is proper ventilation in the attic area and crawl spaces whenever they inspect the roof. They will factor in the overall square footage on the surface of the roof when assessing whether there is enough ventilation or not, and they might recommend that more ventilation be installed in order to maintain the integrity of the roof. This could help improve the energy efficiency of the entire home.

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