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Damaged shingles are a common cause of leaks in a home. Shingles are installed on the roof to protect the home from the elements and physical damage. However, shingles can deteriorate over time, and homeowners should be on the lookout for damaged shingles to avoid water issues. Knowing the signs of damaged shingles will allow homeowners to consult professional help from Somerset County roofers for repairs or replacement.

Curled shingles are a common sign of aging. While they may not appear to be a problem at first, curled shingles can lead to significant damage in the future. Shingles can curl at the edges from old age or excessive heat. A warm attic will cause edges to detach and dry out. Curled shingles will eventually crack, leaving parts of the roof exposed to water damage. They also pose a risk during heavy winds, as they can easily lift off the roof.

Buckled shingles look similar in appearance to curled shingles. They appear to have waves and curls, and the waves usually run vertically as they are a result of poor installation. Faulty underlayment will allow water to get underneath the shingles, resulting in a wavy appearance. Buckled shingles can affect the entire roof or small areas. If left untreated, these small areas will spread.

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Like curled shingles, buckled shingles can easily tear off in heavy storms and allow water to penetrate the home.

If the roof has numerous cracked or broken shingles, there may already be undetected leaks. Broken shingles cause weak spots throughout the roof that become penetrable areas for water to enter the home. Broken shingles can be caused by a number of different things, including age and harsh winds. Physical damage from fallen branches and other debris is another common cause.

Bare spots throughout the roofing system often signify an issue with water drainage. The tiny granules on shingles help to protect it from damage, but these granules can unfortunately wash away with time. Poor drainage and a lack of an eaves trough will cause water to flow off the roof inadequately, washing away granules. Physical damage and age can also cause granules to fall off with time. Without the granules, shingles are susceptible to sun damage. They will eventually harden and fall off, allowing water to penetrate the home.

With the right knowledge, homeowners can spot roof damage and call a professional for help. Catching the signs of shingle damage early on will minimize the risks of damage to the home.

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