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When Somerset County roofers are called out to a home to discuss roofing options and perform an estimate, the topic of slate comes up often. It's no surprise that many homeowners want slate for its look. It is different from the appearance of asphalt shingles, and slate roofing has a deserved reputation for often lasting up to 100 years. Unfortunately, what many homeowners don't realize is just how significant of a factor weight can be.

An increasingly common alternative to slate is fake slate. Fake slate costs less and usually doesn't have any of the weight concerns. Fake slate is manufactured with a number of different materials. One of the most popular is synthetic EPDM rubber. EPDM is available in about five slate like colors and a varying number of different textures. It's also considered an ecofriendly product because it's made from recycled materials, and it does an excellent job of cutting energy costs because it reflects heat and acts like an insulator.

Fake slate shingles made from EPDM rubber are quite durable, and they're expected to last upwards of about 30 to 50 years.

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They're also waterproof, and since it can be rolled out in sheets, it tends to have fewer seams than a traditional roof, which makes them less susceptible to many common roofing issues. EPDM roofing is also lightweight, which means that nearly any roof can support the material, and no added expenses should be expected when it comes to maintenance and repair.

A potential disadvantage of a fake slate roof made with EPDM rubber is that if a leak does occur, it can be difficult to isolate and correct. It's worth noting that leaks when an EPDM roof is properly installed are not common. Nevertheless, it's essential that a homeowner with an EPDM rubber roof adhere to a regular maintenance regimen and act quickly whenever a problem or potential issue occurs.

Another potential issue with an EPDM rubber roof is that they tend to be very smooth. Even the rubber material that has texture is still very flat. What this means is that anything on the roof tends to slide off quickly, and this can be a problem, for instance, with snow accumulation. Accumulating snow can release suddenly and fall off the roof with force unexpectedly. For this reason, most professionals recommend installing snow guards to limit the speed of snow and water as it comes off the roof.

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