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Tile is quickly becoming a popular roof covering option for residential homes. For many years, tile was considered a roofing material that was manufactured solely for Spanish style homes. However, advancements in technology allow manufacturers to make a wide variety of tiles. The shape, color and style of tiles can all be adjusted to fit just about any home. However, since tile roofs are still relatively new to most homeowners, there is some basic knowledge that should be understood before hiring Somerset County roofers to install this kind of material.

One misconception about tile roofs is that they can't be walked on, but this is untrue. They can be walked on carefully, but it's best to hire a trained professional to work on them since they are very susceptible to impact damage from foot traffic. Tile roofs can also be slippery and challenging to balance on, even when they're dry. Going on the roof in general is dangerous and should be left to professionals.

Tile isn't a roof covering that can be installed by DIY homeowners. Nearly 96 percent of all tile roofs are installed by professionals because the material is heavy and hard to handle.

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Tile is also extremely fragile and can be easily cracked or chipped during the installation process. Roofs that have valleys or skylights are even more difficult to install tile on. Homeowners should also consider that most contractors offer an installation guarantee, which protects them against mishaps that occur during the installation process. This is different from a manufacturer warranty, which protects homeowners from defects that occur in the roofing material itself.

Homeowners should be aware that the insulation value of tile is determined by the material it is made out of and the amount of air space between the roof deck and the tile itself. The air space helps eliminate direct heat transfer, which can increase the temperature inside a home. Effectively reducing heat transfer helps reduce air conditioning costs during hot summer months. This air buffer can also help eliminate the formation of ice dams during cold winter months.

Homeowners should also know that the structure of their house has to be able to support more pressure to handle the extra weight of a tile roof. This shouldn't be a problem with newer homes because they are designed in a way that allows them to support extra weight. Older homes, however, should be inspected to ensure that they can bare the weight. The costs associated with adding extra support are relatively small.

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