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Any homeowner who regularly inspects the asphalt shingles on their roof will inevitably notice the presence of granules, a buildup of rocky residue much like sand, in their gutters. Displaced granules are the natural consequence of wear from age and weather on a roof, and are generally not cause for alarm. However, especially for older roofs, the loss of granules means the inability of shingles to protect and insulate a house.

At their best, asphalt shingles are able to perform optimally because of the presence of granules. Granules protect the asphalt underneath them from sunlight and give shingles their distinctively aesthetic coloration and texture. Without granules, asphalt falters and a host of problems within the house occur. Granule loss can be accelerated by poor maintenance habits, so it is a good practice to have a roof inspected annually by Somerset County roofers.

One common reason shingles shed granules faster than they should is actually due to a type of maintenance. If there is moss on a roof, it is a good idea to have it cleaned, but homeowners should be wary of the type of washers their contractors use.

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High pressure power washers not specifically designed with shingles in mind will strip much more than organic growths from the roof. One should always make sure they are hiring competent roofers to clean their homes.

Poor ventilation poses an indirect threat to granules. If a house's vents are insufficiently maintaining a cool temperature in the attic, the asphalt underneath the granules will warm up and flake off. If the vents remain in an exceptionally poor condition, there will be consequences.

Naturally, age is the single consistent factor that will determine how much granule loss a roof has had. Nothing can be done to prevent it, but homeowners should keep up with their annual inspections so they have a clear understanding of when it will be time for a complete replacement of their roof. With regular care, replacement will not be necessary for roughly 20 years. However, some homes are built with faulty asphalt that shed the bulk of the granules after only ten years. When this happens, the roof manufacturer will likely handle the replacement costs themselves.

Following big storms, one may notice what seems like a high quantity of granules in their gutters. While an inspection for broken shingles is recommended after hail strikes and other vicious weather conditions, shingles generally have enough granules for decades of such losses.

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