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In many regards, the gutter is the home's front line of protection against various forms of water damage. The maintenance of this system of canals is imperative to preventing these situations from developing on the roof and in the basement of any given home. Proper repair and care should weigh on the minds of homeowners as it can lead to preventing additional costs later on. Many people will turn to Somerset County roofers with experience in gutters in order to properly maintain and repair the gutter system on the home or business.

While the gutter may be quite a distance from the ground level, various forms of debris can clog the system. Leaves, dirt and even trash picked up and blown around by the wind can find its way into these canals on the roof. The smallest of twigs could collect near the downspout as other materials mass on top of them. This can stop the drainage of water and begin to cause problems for the roof and the foundation of the home. Problems like these result from the water overflowing and falling freely to the ground while soaking the fascia and low level shingles.

Loose joiners, which connect pieces of the gutter together, can pose a threat to the integrity of the home. Water leaking from these sections can drip directly down to the ground, adding moisture to the area near the foundation. These misaligned areas can also contribute to clogs as debris can get stuck in between two pieces of the canal system.

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If the loose joiner isn't addressed, it could eventually cause the gutter to separate entirely. If there is ice within the system, it could come out in a single block creating a serious hazard to anyone near the property.

Over time, fasteners can begin to corrode or otherwise begin to pull free from the fascia. A series of fasteners are what hold the system in place on the roof, and degradation of these materials could lead to the system coming apart. This decreases the gutter's ability to hold any significant amount of weight, and it could cause it to fall to the ground. Severe windstorms have been known to tear gutter fasteners free from newly installed roofs. After violent storms, it may be advisable for the homeowner to have the gutter system inspected for damage. It's this kind of preventative maintenance that can enhance the longevity of roofs and cement foundations.

Ice buildup in the gutter during the winter can lead to compromises in the roof. If there is the slightest separation of materials, water can make its way into the structure. As water expands when freezing, it could make the hole much larger over a short amount of time. When it comes time to remove the ice, a qualified roofing specialist may be the wisest choice. Merely breaking the ice away could result in further damage to the roof and gutter.

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