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Moisture damage is one of the most dangerous problems that can affect the roofing system. Not only can the entire roof suffer from unattended water damage, but the damage may eventually overlap onto sections around the roof. During the winter, this moisture damage may worsen by the freezing and opening of weak sections around the roofing system. When moisture expands, it can wear away roofing materials even faster. In order to have such problems taken care of, homeowners need to know what to watch out for before they contact Somerset county roofers. Gutters and downspouts are designed to prevent such moisture damage from worsening, but even these sections of the roof can become damaged in severe instances.

One of the biggest warning signs observed by most roofers involves light. When homeowners stand underneath their gutters and are able to see daylight between the fascia board and the gutters themselves, there is usually a gap present. The presence of this gap means that whenever it snows or rains, there will be a percentage of water that will drip directly to the ground.

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When water does not go through the gutter system as it is supposed to, it can cause damage to the building itself, as well as the edges of the roof.

Gaps like this may form gradually as water freezes and melts between those spaces, expanding and pushing the gutters away from the rest of the home. Repairs may be possible when professionals skillfully replace shingles and readjust the brackets in order to align the gutters as necessary, but sometimes gutter replacement may offer a better long term solution. If high levels of corrosion exist on the sides of the gutters, they will need to be replaced, as they will not be safe on the system. The same process that creates the gaps will also result in long term problems for the system's surface.

If the corrosion is only moderate on the surface of the gutters, professionals can restore the slope and then look for further ways to improve the system to prevent such problems in the future. One of the most common solutions is to install gutter guards in order to prevent the system from malfunctioning again. This can help stop debris from cluttering the gutters, allowing water to overflow. Regardless of what measures are taken to improve the gutters, homeowners should always be sure to regularly inspect them in the future.

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