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Many homeowners with a two story house often experience the sweltering heat of the sun as it beats down on their homes and heats the upper floor. Unconditioned attics can raise the heat on the upper floors of a home by a seemingly phenomenal amount.

As the heat builds, the upper floors of the home become uncomfortable for the homeowner. The most likely solution is to crank the air conditioner to beat back the heat. Unfortunately, turning up the AC means more money spent on the energy bill. The good news is, there is a relatively simple, cost effective way to beat back the heat. The best way to address issues with an overheated home is to contact professional Somerset County roofers about installing protective barriers for the roof, such as radiant sheathing.

When applied underneath the roofing materials of a home, protective barriers reflect heat away from the home, therefore reducing the heat. In fact, there are several benefits homeowners gain by having protective barriers installed on their roof.

Protective barriers can reduce temperatures within the upper areas of the home by approximately 30 percent. In other words, homeowners can lessen the load on their HVAC units and save money on their monthly utility bills.

By lessening the need to turn up the AC, homeowners are able to prolong the life of their HVAC units.

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Protective barriers applied to the roofing system enhance the comfort level of the home overall, which in turn makes it easier to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the house.

Protective barriers require very little maintenance and do not adversely affect shingles when placed beneath the roofing material. Professional roofers can install a protective barrier without damaging the existing roofing materials of a home, which lessens the cost of installation.

Once applied, the homeowner will experience the benefits of a cooler, more comfortable home. The reduction in temperature throughout the home means the protective barrier will eventually pay for itself as time goes by.

Another reason protective barriers make a great addition to residential roof systems is the fact that they can boost the value of a home. If a homeowner is interested in selling their home, they should highlight the existence of a protective barrier.

Sellers will have more reason to buy a home with a protective barrier compared to that of another house without a barrier. Homeowners who are interested in improving the value and temperature control of their home should contact professional roofers to discuss their protective barrier options.

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