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The roof is the best system of defense for protecting the interior of a home, but just because there are not any visible signs that a roof is leaking does not necessarily mean the roof is in prime condition. Detecting problems with the roofing materials before they become major structural issues can protect homeowners from having to make expensive repairs in the future. Somerset County roofers understand how important it is to inspect the roof to increase its overall lifespan. Here are some common situations that could indicate that a roof needs repair or replacement.

Depending on the type of materials that the roof has been constructed with, if the roof has not been repaired for over 15 years, it could be an indication that it will need to be repaired within the next couple of years. However, roofing contractors will not go by the age of the roof alone when determining whether it is structurally sound or not; they will consider the state of each individual component. The ultimate goal of contractors will be to safeguard the condition of the roof while providing the homeowner with as many cost effective strategies as possible.

If roofing contractors detect any exposed areas on the surface of the roof, they might determine that the state of some of the shingles are not in adequate condition.

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Torn or missing shingles could cause other shingles to become more susceptible to damage during wind gusts. Old shingles will often split, chip or curl, which adversely affects their ability to waterproof the underlying layers of the roof structure.

Contractors will also ensure the flashing that is installed around protruding objects like the skylights and chimneys has not become rusted. If the flashing has become rusted or corroded, it could allow water to penetrate through the roof and cause leaks on the inside of the home. Replacing damaged flashing with a new material is a cost effective way to protect the roof from developing leaks, and the job can often be completed within a short period of time.

One of the most important areas contractors will inspect are the gutters and downspouts. They will ensure there is no evidence of rotting on the soffit and fascia boards and that there are no chipped paint flecks or shingle granules in the gutters. Their primary objective will be to ensure water is freely moving away from the roof and the foundation of the home.

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