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Professionally installed roof and attic insulation is a cost effective way to increase a home's energy efficiency, lower its carbon footprint, boost interior comfort and extend the roof's lifespan. While the addition of insulation in an attic space is generally a benefit to the home, there are some mistakes to avoid during the installation process. Working with experienced Somerset County roofers can help property owners achieve optimal results after their attic and roofing insulation project has been completed.

One of the biggest mistakes made when installing new materials in a house is blocking the vents. Gambrel, box and soffit vents should not be blocked, because air needs to flow through this space. If covered with insulation, the vents become ineffective at ventilating the attic and problems such as condensation, excessive heat buildup and bubbling of the shingles might develop. During an insulation project, roofers typically work around vent openings or cut a hole out of the insulation where the vent's opening is located.

Another common insulation problem is laying kraft paper faced fiberglass insulation incorrectly. The facing must be directed toward the home's exterior, as it functions as a vapor barrier. Only one layer of vapor barriers should be used. If more insulation is being put onto older insulation, an unfaced layer of fiberglass should be used.

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Loose fill insulation can also be blown in on top of an older layer of fiberglass. There is usually no need to remove old insulation, as it still provides some thermal resistance even if it has become dirty or dusty. Only moldy or wet insulation needs to be removed.

Putting insulation where it doesn't belong is another common problem. Electrical wires, fans and control panels for whole house fans should feature any insulating materials. Placing insulation on any of these could cause them to overheat, resulting in a fire. A related problem occurs when insulation is not installed where it does belong. Forgetting to put insulation into small cracks, gaps and hard to reach spaces allows air and moisture to continue to infiltrate through those spaces.

Not putting in enough insulation is another issue that many homeowners face. Most attics have enough space under the roof's rafters to place several layers of the thickest forms of insulation. The underside of the roof can be insulated to the point where the insulation is flush with protruding beams. If the homeowner desires to finish the space, then gypsum board or drywall can be put right on top without creating any gaps.

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