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When it comes to extending the longevity of a home's exterior, there are several methods that can be incorporated into the design. One of the most important aspects that should not be overlooked is the house's gutter system. This is vitally important, as the gutters will redirect any flowing water and prevent damage. Quality gutters can be installed by professional Somerset County roofers.

Because of how inconspicuous a home's gutters can be, it isn't uncommon to take them for granted or overlook them entirely. However, due to the nature of their function, they require regular maintenance. Otherwise, they can become blocked or damaged. When damage happens, it is best to replace them immediately.

The replacement process requires several steps to complete. The home should be evaluated first, by taking measurements and determining where exactly a gutter system would be most beneficial. In colder climates, they should be considered above door egress points, as the accumulation of cold water may form dangerous icicles right where people will be standing. As for regular rainwater, it should be considered where the desired area is that the water should flow to; downspouts will need to be placed there.

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Gutters should be cut to length at ground level before hauling them up a ladder to the roof, for ease of installation. Gutters will need to be bolted directly to the roof's fascia. If this is not an option, special hanging brackets will need to be purchased and installed instead. Joints and end caps will need to be added where needed, and holes should be cut to accommodate the downspout pipes as well.

In relation to the downspouts, the gutters should be slightly inclined to direct the water to flow towards the spout opening. This is an important step, as this will prevent standing water puddles from forming within the tube. If this is not addressed, this will create an issue later on with rust and corrosion, and is hard to diagnose from ground level. The drop for the amount of distance does not need to be very great, around a quarter of an inch for every ten feet of gutter length, which is not easily visible from a distance.

Above the gutter channel, flashing is added. This will slip under the roof's shingles, and should extend around two inches (or slightly less) from the edge of the roof. Flashing is important, as it can help keep debris out of the gutter itself, which will lead to clogs. Furthermore, it helps create a clean pathway for flowing water going down into the gutter.

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