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When homeowners need to make the structure of their property more energy efficient, air sealing and the addition of insulation are the top two actions to take. This process is often performed when the home is undergoing other renovations, such as the installation of a new roof. Working with experienced Somerset County roofers helps to ensure that the ideal amount and types of insulation are used for the project.

If an inspection or energy audit finds that a house has an insufficient amount of insulation, homeowners should note that installing these systems can boost the home's level of thermal resistance and make it more comfortable and energy efficient. A well insulated attic space also helps the newly placed roof last longer. Even if the attic originally had enough insulation, it may have been compressed or scattered over the years.

Fiberglass rolls and rock wool insulation were commonly used in homes until materials with a higher level of thermal resistance gained popularity. Homes built before the 1980s may contain an attic full of this type of insulation.

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When a new roof is being put on or when a house is being renovated, roofers can install another type of insulation on top of it so long as the new material does not have any facing. Loose fill, blown in insulation, more fiberglass or even foam core board can be put on top of the older materials.

If a home was built even earlier, such as before the 1970s, it may contain silicate insulation. This material often had asbestos fibers, as asbestos is highly resistant to fire and has a high thermal resistance, or R value. While breathing in asbestos fibers is hazardous to health, it is still safe to keep the old insulation so long as it is encapsulated and professionally covered with a different kind of insulating material. After the asbestos containing materials are fixed into place, then fiberglass rolls without any kraft paper backing, spray foam or another kind of insulating material can be installed.

If a different type of insulation is being installed onto a compressed layer of blown in insulation, care must be taken to ensure that the loose fill is not flattened any more. Roofers usually accomplish by leaving a small gap between the two materials. This air gap serves as a barrier to protect the lightweight fibers of loose insulation from getting squished by the denser and heavier fiberglass strands.

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