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Scientists report that natural daylight is superior to artificial light for fostering a sense of wellness and increasing productivity. Sunlight boosts energy levels, optimizes brain function and lightens moods. During the dark winter months, regular exposure to sunlight may help to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder or winter blues.

People with SAD experience normal mental health during most of the year but may become depressed in winter. The most common treatment for the condition is exposure to bright lights.

Introducing natural light in a home has other advantages. Interior spaces seem larger, while colors of carpets, curtains, and other soft furnishings appear more vibrant and appealing. Daylight reduces reliance on electricity and saves money on utility bills.

Homeowners traditionally install skylights or extra windows when they want to introduce natural illumination into a room. After dark, skylights provide glorious views of the continually changing night sky.

However, all is not sweetness and light with these approaches. Depending on the location of the sun with respect to the position of the house, new windows can introduce glare into a room where it did not exist before.

Solar tubing systems offer an alternative to skylights and windows. Somerset County roofers can put solar tubes in place in around two hours, while fitting a skylight or new window can take half a day or longer.

The roofing contractors from Peter W Smith Construction of Somerset County would be happy to answer any question you have about residential roofing or roof repair.

Skylights and windows are of limited utility when the aim is to brighten a walk in closet, spare bathroom or basement family room.

Super reflective tubing harnesses sunlight using advanced optics and costs a lot less than other daylighting systems, such as windows and skylights. The light output from a solar tube device is several times greater than that of a skylight with a much larger area.

Solar tubing devices can transfer light up to 30 feet without significant attenuation, allowing the introduction of natural light into a closet, bathroom or basement. Natural light makes it possible to read or do close work in a basement man cave, study or crafts room. Daylight from solar tubes gives homeowners the freedom to arrange furniture without having to worry about glare on the television set from an awkwardly placed window.

Solar tube daylighting systems brighten a home like never before. More traditional approaches, such as skylights and windows, can improve ventilation and offer charming vistas. For more information about letting natural light into a dark corner of a room, contact a local roofing contractor.

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