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Putting a new roof on a house represents a substantial investment for the homeowner, but the integrity of the whole building depends on a good roof. When selecting materials for the roof, a homeowner needs to consider the projected lifespan of the shingles. Manufacturers provide average figures regarding the durability of their asphalt shingles to help people determine what they will get for their budget.

The first grade of asphalt roofing products is known as three tab. These shingles can be expected to protect a roof for 15 to 20 years. Architectural shingles are the higher grade of asphalt material, and they are rated to last for an average of 25 to 30 years.

The average number of years stated by manufacturers, however, should only serve as a starting point for a homeowner's decision because many factors influence how long any particular roof will last. Discussing the local conditions with Somerset County roofers would give someone more insight into how long each type of shingle typically endures regional weather.

Although everyone appreciates a sunny day, the powerful rays of the sun actually wear down shingles. In hot, sunny climates shingles may not last as long as those in cloudier locations. The heat of the sun gradually degenerates the materials. Therefore, more heat reduces the lifespan.

The color of shingles also influences how much heat a roof has to endure.

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Darker colors absorb more heat energy from the sun, which means dark shingle colors can be expected to wear out before light colors.

The orientation of a building also determines its level of sun exposure. For example, a roof that has most of its surface area directed southward will be hit by more sun all year long compared to one with a northern exposure.

Heat issues that impact the lifespan of a roof can also come from inside the home. Proper attic ventilation is important because a poorly ventilated attic will allow heat to build up inside the cavity. These inner temperatures could easily soar about 150 degrees Fahrenheit on a hot summer day. This excessive heat could reduce a roof's life well below average expectations.

Even if ventilation is functional, problems with the insulation could limit the durability of shingles. Absent or badly installed insulation could create variations in temperatures. The expanding and contracting associated with swings from hot to cold will exert stress upon the roofing materials.

Both climate and structural issues affect how long a roof will last. A roofing contractor could inspect a home for problems and estimate the lifespan of a new roof with more precision than a manufacturer's label.

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