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Installing a metal roof has many advantages. Somerset County roofers realize that metal is a durable material, it has incredible longevity, it is light and it is fire resistant. All of these things are attracting more and more people to buy a metal roof. However, homeowners must be cognizant of the fact that there are some downsides that come with opting for a metal roof.

Metal roofs are fire resistant. This is a huge advantage if a fire from the neighbor's home blows burning debris onto the roof. It is also an advantage if the homeowner's house catches on fire since the metal roof will prevent the fire from reaching the roof, giving the home's occupants more time to escape. The durability of a metal roof can also be a disadvantage during a fire.

The problem comes when firefighters are trying to stop a fire inside a home with a metal roof. One of the ways that a firefighter is able to get the upper hand on a house fire is by either busting a hole in the roof deck or using the hole that was created as the fire punched through the roof to allow smoke and heat to escape. This is not possible with a metal roof. Firefighters are forced to resort to it trying to attack the fire from the inside of the house.

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As a result, it takes a longer period of time to control the fire, which in turn means that the homeowner loses more of their possessions.

Another problem comes if the structure below the roof collapses and the metal roof lands on top of the rubble. The metal roof will become so hot that it will be impossible for anyone to move it for multiple days. During this process, the fire will continue to burn underneath the roof. This in turn may damage items that survived the initial blaze. For example, if a homeowner has a fireproof safe where they keep all of their valuables and important documents, that might have survived the initial blaze, but it might not be able to survive the longer duration of extreme temperatures caused by the collapsed metal roof.

This does not mean that a homeowner should be dissuaded from getting a metal roof. There are so many positives that come from this premium roofing material that it is worthwhile for homeowners to speak to their roofing contractor about using it. However, at the same time, it is good for homeowners to evaluate the negatives associated with this product and determine whether they are willing to deal with the risk.

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