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Replacing the current roof allows a homeowner to add value to their home and change the aesthetics to a more modern look. Old roofing didn't have the panache that new tiles or shingles have today. Plus, it wasn't as eco friendly. While a homeowner will want to choose the material of the roof for its ability to protect the home, it's imperative they use this opportunity to upgrade the look, style and color of the roof as well. Curb appeal means more in the current buyer's market, and Somerset County roofers will say that a roof makes up 40 percent of curb appeal.

There are many more choices of roofing materials on the market today that were not available 25 years ago. Asphalt roofing shingles come in a wide variety of colors and styles, including a 3D style, that can make a roof look amazing. While homeowners used to think of asphalt shingles as the cheap way to put on a roof, that's no longer the case. Today, they're considered an economical way to make a roof look good, and they're made to be eco friendly as well.

Clay and concrete tiles are a remarkable aesthetic choice for home roofing. They add texture and look great from the road as well as up close. Clay and concrete tiles look more expensive because they are more expensive, clay moreso than concrete.

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These tiles need to have a stronger roof support and foundation as they are a much heavier type of roofing material. They are long lasting and will remain perfect with proper maintenance for 40 to 50 years.

Metal roofs are an incredible look and a perfect choice for a homeowner who wishes to have a roof that lasts as long as their home will. As a roofing material, metal is a more expensive choice than asphalt roofing shingles. Plus, a professional needs to install a metal roof as it needs special tools for installation.

A slate roof offers a distinguishing look that brings out the attractiveness of home. It is, however, limiting in the look as it is offered in only the dark colors of grays, blacks and purples. Slate is a heavy roofing material that needs proper support like the clay and concrete tiles. It will last the lifetime of the home.

Wood shingles and wood shakes are a wonderful natural look for homes that are in the woods or similar surrounding natural areas. They're expensive because they are handmade, but they'll last for about 25 to 30 years.

No matter what material a homeowner chooses to put on their new roof, upgrading from the old material will bring up the home value.

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