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Somerset County Roofers: Article About Preventing Ice Dams On Roofs

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Ice dams are one of the most common issues that homeowners have to deal with in the winter season. While the damage that ice dams cause can be difficult and costly to repair, preventing them is easy and typically inexpensive. With the assistance and expertise of Somerset County roofers, homeowners can take a few simple steps to protect their home before the winter season.

Ventilating eaves and ridges will work to circulate cool air under the roof. Although homeowners may think that heating the roof will prevent ice dams, it can actually cause too much water to develop from snow melting too quickly. For proper attic ventilation, the soffits and ridge vents will need to have the same size of openings and should be at least one square foot for every 300 square feet of attic space. The floor should be airtight and all of the openings should be sealed, including plumbing vents and exhaust pipes. The light fixtures and heating system chimneys will also need to be sealed.

Insulation can also be installed in the attic to keep the heat inside of the home from affecting the temperature of the roofing materials. Homeowners will need to add more insulation if the attic is large. The areas between the roof rafters should also be insulted.

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Polystyrene rafter air channels should first be installed before the insulation is put in to prevent condensation from developing.

HVAC ducts should be sealed and insulated with fiber reinforced mastic that will work to protect the materials during the winter season. This is best left to a professional because using fiber reinforced mastic requires some experience and training.

If other methods fail to prevent ice dams, homeowners can hire a professional roofer to install heat cables on the roof. These are attached to the home with shingle clips and are very effective at melting snow at a steady rate 24 hours a day.

Buildings that need to have ice dams removed should have the snow swept off with a durable push broom that contains stiff bristles. All snow blowers or shovels should be avoided during this process to prevent damage that can occur to the roof cover system.

If ice dams are not removed, moisture can trap dust in the cold strips that have formed on the ceiling and can cause mildew growth. In these cases, residents will need to paint over the mildew after cleaning it with a bleach and water mixture to prevent it from growing back.

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