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To protect the home's roof and prevent it from becoming damaged during a storm, it's crucial to take a few steps before the harsh weather arrives. With the help of Somerset County roofers, homeowners can prep the structure and help prevent damage from occurring during a storm. This will not only add years to the lifespan of the roof, but it can also avoid any future damage that can occur to the inside of the property as a result of a damaged roof.

Hurricane straps should be used on the roof to secure the structure to the walls of the building. These straps prevent blow offs from occurring with the roofing materials during high winds. The extra structural support is inexpensive but should be installed by a professional. To reduce installation and material cost, homeowners may be able to obtain discounts on the straps through their homeowner's insurance. When using the help of a professional, ask him or her to also apply roofing cement to loose shingles or tiles that look as if they might fall off.

Nearby trees that are close to the roof also need to be trimmed to prevent them from coming in contact with the roof. In high winds, tree branches can easily break and fall on top of a home and cause cracked tiles, torn shingles and roof deck damage. Gutters and downspouts should be regularly maintained and cleared of debris like twigs and leaves.

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Doing so will ensure that all rainwater or melted snow is channeled away from the building and off of the roof.

In the winter, ice dams are a common problem on many homes. Fortunately, they can be easily prevented by providing proper air flow in the attic. Extra insulation can also be installed in the space to prevent too much heat from escaping.

As an added protection from storm damage, those who want to install a new roof before stormy weather arrives can opt for impact resistant roofing materials that can protect a home from damage due to hail, wind and snow. This will prevent additional damage to the roof and can safeguard the building from moisture and other harmful environmental elements.

Even if homeowner has prepped their roofs, the attic should be inspected by a professional roofer following any major storm. The roofer will use a flashlight to look for areas where water stains have developed while checking for sunlight that is coming through the roof boards. Water penetration can also occur around flashing, and these areas should be examined because they are the most common places where leaks occur. To prevent flashing leaks, it's important to replace the metal flashing material if rust has developed or if gaps are present.

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