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Wood shingle roofs give homes a quaint, cottage like appearance, but many homeowners choose to remove the wood shingles from their home due to worries regarding the upkeep of the wood. However, maintaining a wood roof easier than ever before, thanks to the variety of treatments available. Somerset County roofers who have experience with wood shingles will be an invaluable source of information for bewildered homeowners worried about stains on their roof.

Cleaning wood shingles is a bit more involved that hosing off asphalt shingles. The most common complaint involving wood shingles is that they become discolored or stained. Mild stains or discoloration can be cleaned with a homemade cleaning solution. Hardware stores carry a product called trisodium phosphate (TSP) which is mixed with detergent, bleach, and warm water. Three ounces of TSP, one ounce of detergent (Tide), one quart of 5% bleach, and three quarts of warm water will create a gentle but effective solution, which will remove stains without damaging the roof itself. Small amounts of this mixture should be applied to the stains and scrubbed gently with a soft brush. The shingles should then be thoroughly rinsed afterwards to get rid of any residual solution.

Stubborn stains may need a tougher solution. The above formula can be made stronger by increasing the amount of bleach in the solution, or the bleach can even be used full strength on small areas as long as it isn't left on the wood for more than a few minutes.

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If a stronger cleaning solution is needed, granular chlorine may be mixed at a ratio of two ounces per gallon of water. Granular chlorine is used to kill algae in swimming pools and is found at most pool supply stores. Chemical solutions should never be left to sit on the wood. Instead, they should be applied in small amounts, scrubbed, and then rinsed away thoroughly. It's important to note that these solutions perform better when they're applied multiple times in weaker concentrations instead of applied once with a full strength solution. These solutions will also kill plants and grass, so if any solution drips onto foliage, it needs to be rinsed off immediately. Extra care should be taken around the roof's valleys and eaves.

These solutions do a good job at removing minor stains and the dirt which occurs from natural exposure to the elements, but severe discoloration or staining should be treated by roofers experienced with wood shingles. The wrong products will cause damage that requires significant repairs or even replacement.

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