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If someone is looking at a large roofing repair bill, they may want to consider having a new roof put in. In some cases, if damage is extensive enough, it may be more cost effective to install a new roof than to spend money having Somerset County roofers repair the existing one if it will need to be replaced in a few years.

However, it can be difficult to tell if it is better to repair or replace a roof, especially if the roof is not nearing the end of its lifespan. An asphalt roof can last between 20 and 30 years, so replacing a roof too early may end up causing someone to lose out on a decade or more of the roof's lifetime.

To help someone determine whether they should have a roof fixed or have a new one put in, they should consider the type of damage to the roof and its age. Whichever choice someone makes, they should do it sooner rather than later. Damage to a roof will only worsen over time, especially in the case of leaks.

If a roof is leaking and the problem isn't resolved, it can end up damaging structural components. Additionally, as a problem worsens, it will only make the issue more costly to repair.

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The type of damage that a roof has sustained and its extent will play a major role in the cost to fix it and the likelihood that problems will crop up in the future. For example, if a large number of tiles were torn off of a roof but the roof had an underlayment to provide an additional layer of waterproofing protection, it may be that the tiles can just be replaced. However, if there wasn't an underlayment or the roof deck was soaked through in a number of places, it may be easier to replace the roof rather than trying to hunt down all of the leaks.

Age is another important component of determining whether to repair or replace a roof. A newer roof is less likely to need major repairs right after a repair is completed because it will have suffered less wear and tear. Additionally, if a roof is older, someone may need to replace it in a few years anyway.

People may want to work with a roofing professional to determine the value of the remaining lifespan of their roof if it is repaired and compare it to the cost to repair it.

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