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Asphalt shingles can become damaged from normal wear and tear or after a severe storm. Telltale warning signs to look for are missing tabs, cracked surfaces, granule loss and curling corners. Some asphalt shingles may become loose or go missing completely after twigs become wedged underneath. There's no need to panic when one or a few shingles becomes damaged. Homeowners often follow these steps to replace asphalt shingles on their own. Calling licensed Somerset County roofers is a great alternative for anyone uncomfortable with climbing onto a roof.

Safety comes first. Anyone attempting to do roof work themselves must put on protective eyewear, thick work gloves and gripping boots for walking on the roof's surface. One should always have a spotter and use a sturdy ladder to get onto the roof. Installing roof jacks and using a safety harness is also recommended. Once atop the roof, the homeowner will assess the damaged shingles and check the moisture barrier below for traces of seepage. If homeowners don't have replacement shingles, they can take a trip to the home improvement store and buy the best possible match.

The next step is removing the shingles carefully just above the patch without damaging others. It's best to take off asphalt shingles in cool weather since they'll firm up. If shingles must be replaced in heat, the homeowner should wet them down beforehand, then loosen the adhesive under the tabs two rows above, using a large hayfork or crowbar.

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A screwdriver can be used to raise the nails of the shingles underneath. Lift each surrounding tab at a 45 degree angle, slowly, to avoid cracking them. Keep progressing closer to the damaged shingle and pull it free.

Starting at the bottom, place the new replacement shingle in the same position and overlap the one below it. Hammer galvanized nails into the precut nail holes. There are usually three per asphalt shingle. Applying one inch of durable roofing cement under the new shingle's tabs will add extra protection for the future. It is important that there aren't any holes where water can sneak to the wood underneath. Install all replacement shingles in the row and work back up the roof.

At the last shingle, cut off the nail strip on top using a utility knife. Slip the final replacement under the shingle above it and press the shingles together firmly for a tight fit. Homeowners should look for any other loose shingles to refasten then. Other cracked shingles can be brought back together using a liberal line of adhesive. If a large number of shingles are showing signs of decay though, consult with a reliable roofing contractor to inquire about replacement.

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