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Somerset County Roofers: Article About Retrofit Metal Roofing System Benefits

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When the time comes to replace a flat roof, business owners might want to consider adding additional pitch to the building's current design. Going with a retrofit metal system can add slope to the roof by installing raised steel frames on top of the current roof. This solution improves the functionality of a flat roof and comes with many benefits.

A metal roof is designed to last for decades, allowing companies to regain some of the initial cost over the life of the membrane. Upgrading the slope can pay off in other ways as well. Not only will the sleek metal design improve the appearance of the facility, giving it a modernized architectural look, but these roofing systems are practically maintenance free, due to their increased ability to shed rain and snow.

Built up metal framing systems are installed above the current roof, eliminating tear off costs. Disruption to business activities will also be minimal. The Somerset County roofers hired to build the raised system won't use a roof deck to support the new roof. Instead, the standing seam metal panels are attached to the new frame itself. Like standard metal roofs, these panels are efficient at keeping moisture out.

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Many interlocking designs can also provide seamless integration into current building structures.

Another benefit of using a retrofit roof is the ability to add insulation to the roof assembly. Using insulation materials on top of the old structure and beneath the new one will greatly reduce energy costs, as will choosing reflective pigments in the metal panel finish. These pigments and reflective properties allow even dark colored roofs to remain cool in hot weather. Ventilation of this newly created space will greatly reduce the heat load on the building and help the building resist ice dams during the winter, provided the air flow is vented properly.

The slope of the new roof will also affect the way the roof drains during and after a storm. The potential for structural collapse is thereby minimized and costly leaks can be more easily avoided. While additional slope will help cut down on wind and water damage, some buildings will have to undergo design modifications. For example, the new roof will need a gutter system that can accommodate the new slope.

Overall, any modifications needed will help solve many of the water problems associated with flat roofs at a price that's often less than tearing off the old one and replacing it with an updated single ply membrane.

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