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Somerset County roofers never recommend that homeowners climb on their roofs themselves. This is a safety precaution. In addition, most homeowners do not have technical or professional knowledge of how a roof works and homeowners will likely miss any potential roofing problems that may not be obvious to an untrained eye. However, homeowners can be aware of some of the most common roofing problems to help them determine when it is time to call in a professional roofer.

By far, the most common roofing problem is with the shingles themselves. Shingles can be easily displaced by wind or water and can be completely blown off the roof. Even if only one shingle is displaced or missing, problems can be caused throughout the roof. Shingles are also at risk for losing their granules in the normal course of aging and wear and tear, which can cause problems.

The valleys located within a roofing structure can act similar to land valleys, causing water to collect in them. In the roof valleys, the shingles and other roofing material can face near constant exposure to pooling water, putting the roof's integrity at risk, especially in roofs that were not installed or maintained properly.

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Another common problem is leaks at the head wall flashing. The head wall is where the roof slopes down until meeting the flat face of a wall. It is here that water can stop and pool before continuing off of the roof. In this area, even small holes located within roofing material can let water through. Even more troublesome is the fact that leaks here can be difficult to diagnose and can cause a large amount of damage.

Wall step flashing problems are similar to that of head wall problems. This is an area where the roof meets the wall. However, the wall step is the slope that goes alongside the wall, such as on the side of a gable. If the flashing on a wall step is not installed properly or is damaged, it will allow leaking to occur and can potentially cause drips in the interior of the home that are not near the original leak, also making them difficult to identify.

Chimneys are another hot zone for roofing problems. Unless a chimney is located on a peak of the roof, they have both head walls and wall steps. In addition, chimneys are commonly known for sagging or buckling, which creates gas in the surrounding flashing. This can be very problematic for older chimneys.

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