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Somerset County Roofers: Article About Roof Tear Offs Versus Roof Overlays

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When expert Somerset County roofers are preparing to install a new roof, they normally tear off, or remove, the old roofing materials so they can start with a clean slate. However, there are some cases when the old roofing material is left on the roof and the new shingles or metal roof is installed on top. There are some advantages and disadvantages to both methods.

There are many reasons why a roofer may recommend to go with a roof tear off over an overlay. If the old material is very damaged, it is likely that the substrate beneath the outer roofing materials is also damaged. By removing the old materials, the roofer can inspect the condition of the underlayment and sheathing before the new materials are added. If there are problems, such as major leaks, dry rot damage to the sheathing or rafters or ventilation problems, repairs can easily be made.

Another advantage to a roof tear off over an overlay is that the new shingles have a flat surface to lay on. In order to work properly, the shingles must be laid flat.

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If they are not, the shingle adhesive may not set correctly, leaving the sheathing and underlayment susceptible to damages that could reduce the lifespan of the roof.

The main problem that many homeowners have with tear offs is that they add an expense when installing the new roof materials. Installing over the old materials can save about 25 percent or so, depending on the roofing materials involved.

Because there are some problems with leaving the old roofing materials on, there are only certain cases where the old materials should be left. The first is if the old roof is in good condition. This essentially means that the old shingles have lost their layer of mineral granules so they are no longer protected against UV rays. As long as the old roof does not leak and still lays flat, a roof overlay should not cause problems. Second, if a metal roof is being installed over the old shingles,

Choosing between removing the old materials and installing a new roof over the old is a huge decision to be made. Before homeowners make a choice, however, they should have a roofer inspect the old roof so they have the ability to make an informed decision. If the old roof has sustained any severe damage that could have an impact on the lifespan of the old roof, it is more advantageous to have the old materials removed.

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