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When it comes to purchasing a roofing warranty, many of the mistakes homeowners make begin before the new roof is even in place. Regardless or roof type or cost, there are always things that can go wrong. A roof warranty provides the opportunity to minimize the risk of purchasing a new roof with a guarantee that the roof will be repaired or replaced if it sustains wear or damage that fall under the warranty's criteria. Warranties vary significantly in terms of coverage and many have hidden restrictions that can lead them to be deemed void at the smallest provocation. Homeowners should consult Somerset County roofers for advice on choosing a warranty policy that works for them.

By far the most common type of roof warranty available is a manufacturer's warranty, which can often be purchased through the roofing professional prior to installation. Most warranties are actually included within the installation of the roof. Because a roof is a collection of components rather than a single item, most warranties cover the components of a roof rather than the roof as a whole. This means that not all items are eligible for replacement. Some warranties will only replace damaged or defective materials with new materials while others will pay for a contractor to repair the roof with used materials.

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The other most common type of warranty is an installation of workmanship warranty, which is often provided by the contractor. The installation warranty does not typically cover materials but rather any damage that can be linked to the installation. An installation warranty is a sign of a roofing contractor who is secure in his abilities and experienced enough to back them up with a guarantee.

Warranty terms are important to pay attention to when deciding on a warranty. Terms such as "25 Year Guarantee" or "Lifetime Warranty" provide clear indications of the coverage homeowners can expect. Lifetime warranties are ideal because they ensure that the roofing materials or installation will be protected as long as the owner lives within the home. It is important to note that certain things can lead to the voiding of a warranty. Poor ventilation and generally poor maintenance that results in roof leakage or damage are often reason enough to void a standard manufacturer's warranty. To make the most out of a warranty, homeowners should keep the roof properly maintained and closely review the terms and limitations of the warranty before making the purchase.

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