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Roofing tar is a material that is commonly used to fix large and small roof leaks. Manufactured from coal tar and petroleum byproducts, coal tar is a dark material that can sometimes appear brown. While it is made during the production of coal and considered a byproduct, coal tar cannot be applied to a roof in its natural state. Instead, it is carefully refined to harness its natural properties and ensure that it is safe and environmentally friendly for use. Homeowners should consult Somerset County roofers about the numerous uses of coal tar for their roofs.

Cement made from coal tar is used to bond weak or damaged areas on a rooftop. Tar can be used to seal cracks or even repair certain areas of damage. Most new coal tar formulations are free of asbestos, making them safer to use on the exterior of a home. Nonetheless, coal tar contains numerous other industrial ingredients that should be investigated before application. Roofers apply roof cement made from coal tar by using a trowel since it is so thick. Thinner formulations can be applied with a brush or squeezed through a tube like caulk.

One of the previous drawbacks of roofing tar was its black or dark brown color. While original roofing tar blends well on a dark roof, it can be unsightly on lighter materials.

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Manufacturers have developed roofing tar in a variety of shades, including white, making it possible for homes in a variety of shades to benefit from this roofing material. Versatility is important since roofing tar cannot always be removed. In fact, many of the solvents that are used to strip roofing tar leave behind lasting damage.

Roofing tar is ideal for use with flat roofs, but it can also be used on gravel and tar paper to repair leaks, close gaps and bond surfaces. Depending on the type of repair that needs to be done, one formulation of roofing tar may not work as well as another. In fact, there are some brands that offer formulations specifically intended to act as a bonding agent between materials.

The application process for roofing tar is relatively simple, but it takes a long time for the tar to cool and harden once applied. Roofing tar should never be used on a rounded or heavily sloped surface since it turns to a liquid at very high temperatures and can become a hazard if it slides off a roof. Despite such limitations, roofing tar is a highly versatile material for use with many different roofing problems.

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