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Somerset County Roofers: Article About Seamless Gutter Benefits

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Rooftop gutters provide safe pathways for rainwater runoff. In fact, homeowners should consider gutters to be just as important as shingles to an overall roof system. Gutters direct water away from roof edges and foundations to protect the structure's overall stability. Puddling water on rooftops or around foundations leads to leaks into the home. Ideally, homeowners should consider seamless gutters when they require a new system installed by Somerset County roofers.

Seamless gutter systems are unique because lengths aren't universal sections purchased from a third party supplier. In fact, contractors actually extrude seamless gutters using on site tools. For example, a service truck could be dedicated to seamless gutter extrusion with tooling lining the vehicle's interior and exterior. Roofers take structural measurements around the home, so all formed lengths are perfectly matched to the perimeter. Traditionally, the only seams on a "seamless" system reside at downspout connection points.

Homeowners should realize that seam gutters have significant clogging points along their lengths. If any horizontal length has a misaligned seam, for instance, this area becomes an instant location for blockages. For example, debris catches on a dislodged seam, capturing other items as water flows through the system. Seamless gutters don't have these edges, so debris flows swiftly through the system and into nearby drains.

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According to experienced roofers, seamless gutters have a more attractive aesthetic compared to older systems. Each horizontal section is a continuous length without seams darkening with debris accumulation and weathering. Additionally, seamless gutters also have more color coordination choices for homeowners. In fact, gutters can nearly be the same color as the home's exterior. As a result, gutters blend into the fascia for even more curb appeal.

Gutter cleaning is critical to any system, and seamless systems have designs geared toward easy debris removal. For example, interior gutter surfaces are extremely smooth. If any debris becomes stuck within the gutter, roofers can completely remove it without any remaining pieces stuck to generate further problems. Ideally, roofers should clean gutters before and after winter weather. Any debris from fall and spring can be removed for optimal draining capabilities.

In general, few contractors specialize in seamless gutter installation. Homeowners must discuss their particular system needs with roofers before signing any contracts. In fact, experienced contractors may have photos and references of previous gutter projects to prove their expertise. Thorough research of contractors benefits homeowners with a proper seamless gutter system installation that last for many years.

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