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One reality homeowners face is the fact that most asphalt shingle roofs begin to fail within 15 to 20 years. The roof's normally protective membrane begins to weaken over time, allowing water to penetrate into the roofing system below, and eventually, into the home itself. How can a homeowner know when it's time to replace a new roof to avoid the added cost of repairing drywall and other structural damage?

Regular inspection of the roof is essential, particularly if the roof is an older one. Homeowners should pay special attention to the areas of the roof around peaks, valleys and edges. They should also check around any penetrations in the roof such as chimneys and skylights. Roofs typically don't fail in the middle.

There are some revealing signs of roof failure that a homeowner can be on the lookout for. Leaks are obvious signs of trouble. If there's water damage in the home or attic, the roof is failing somewhere. However, the presence of leaks doesn't necessarily mean that a homeowner should replace the roof. The leak could be a result of poor flashing, which most Somerset County roofers could repair without needing to replace the roof.

Areas where light is coming into the attic from the outside are also telling of possible roof failure. If a homeowner sees cracks of light in a darkened attic, this usually means there are thin or uncovered areas in the roof above.

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However, light that is coming through vents is normal and not a reason for concern.

Cracked or curled shingles are another indicator of an aging roof. Worn or damaged shingles may be able to be spot repaired, but if the roof has many shingles in poor condition, the roof could be susceptible to leaking. If a homeowner finds a shingle on the ground, they should take action to get that missing shingle replaced before severe problems with water penetration occur.

Asphalt shingles are made with a protective layer of granules on their top layer. When those granules start to wear off, the shingles lose some of their protective value. Keep an eye out for smooth or shiny looking shingles and granule buildup in the gutters. Roofing that appears slanted or uneven can be a sign that the roof decking is weakened, and this is typically cause for a full roof replacement.

A roof with many of the above signs can often be spot repaired. However, if a roof is showing several of the signs of old age, it would be wise to start to budget for roof replacement before costly damage is incurred.

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