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As homeowners have become increasingly concerned about protecting the environment, solar shingles and panels have become a more attractive roofing option. Products that can harness the sun's ultraviolet rays can create the potential for homeowner to benefit from renewable, clean energy that can be converted into an electricity resource.

Homeowners should be aware, however, that it might be better to install solar panels instead of shingles on some roofs. Somerset County roofers who have experience working with energy efficient roofing materials can advise homeowners about which component might best suit their roof.

Solar panels are older than solar shingles and were first available to homeowners during the 1950s. Panels are typically constructed with long lasting materials and have a lifespan of decades. The average panel is around 18 square feet and can convert up to 240 watts of energy. They are often installed on top of the topmost layer of the roof, and roofing contractors usually install them with a six inch gap between the layers. Since the gap creates an ideal space for insects and small animals to nest, contractors can also install a protective screen to keep them out.

Solar panels can be easily angled to be exposed to the sun, which is ideal for roofs that do not receive direct exposure to the sun for long periods of time.

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The panels can also be easily relocated to a different area for maximum performance, and homeowners will appreciate that often no structural changes to their roof will be required in order for contractors to install the panels.

While homeowners could possibly install the panels without the assistance of a professional if they have adequate roofing experience, there is a definite drawback to consider: in order to receive subsidies or rebates from the government or the local utility company, a professional contractor will need to install the panels and ensure they are up to code.

Solar shingles were first introduced to the market in 2005, and they are similar in size and shape to traditional roofing shingles. One shingle can convert up to 63 watts of energy. Solar shingles are installed in place of the topmost layer of the roofing materials, so homeowners may choose to install them during a repair or replacement job. Solar shingles are lightweight and can feature a variety of attractive colors that can complement the rest of the house, and they are weather resistant, making them attractive options in roofing.

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