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Why is proper ventilation such an important aspect of a roof's construction? While energy efficiency may be the most popular answer, ventilation is crucial in preventing potentially hazardous and damaging conditions, including things like mold growth and ice dams. Ventilation works by allowing the space directly below a roof, usually an attic, to maintain a regulated temperature and humidity level. Professional and experienced Somerset County roofers can determine whether a property has adequate ventilation by performing a variety of tests.

A proper roofing ventilation setup contains more than just a single hole. It's an entire system of components designed to work together to reduce heat and moisture. The main components are intake and exhaust vents. A general rule for most homes is to have at least 1 square foot of ventilation for every 150 square feet in the attic. Proper insulation is also necessary since leaking air can interrupt the balance created by the exhaust and intake vents. To be effective, each part of a ventilation system needs to be installed correctly and maintained on a consistent basis.

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Homeowners may be able to find out if they have proper ventilation themselves by looking for some easy to spot warning signs, including mold growth in the attic and upper floors, water dripping from nails, excessive attic heat and ice buildup on sheathing and rafters during winter. These symptoms can cause serious damage to a roof and the rest of a home if not taken care of immediately. That is why the best time of the year to inspect a ventilation system is during the spring or fall.

Ventilation is key to energy efficiency whether someone is concerned about the planet or just wants to save some money on an electric bill. By regulating the temperature in an attic, ventilation allows HVAC systems to work less hard during the roughest days of summer and winter. With more extreme weather now seeming like the norm, taking advantage of any improvements in efficiency can mean huge short and long term savings for a homeowner.

While proper ventilation provides a lot of benefits for a home, too much ventilation can have a variety of negative effects. Any gap in a roofing structure provides opportunities for material outside the home to infiltrate an attic, allowing water leaks during storms or potential fires from embers during a wildfire. The right amount of ventilation for any given space can be figured out precisely by a roofing expert with training in ventilation.

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