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Cedar shingles aren't as widely used as asphalt shingles, but professionals that use wood shingles agree they are far superior to their asphalt counterparts. However, the success of a cedar roof depends on the quality of its installation. While it may seem that everyone can successfully work with wood, that isn't always true when it comes to putting the wood on a roof. There are three major mistakes made when a cedar roof is being installed, but experienced Somerset County roofers will ensure these don't happen.

The quality of the cedar used will essentially make or break the roof. When a roofer looks at the shingles available, they will look closely at the shingle's wood grain. The grain is the best indicator of how strong the wood is. Flat grains should be avoided because they tend to break more easily and curl as they age. An ideal grain will follow the shake's butt along the length of the shingle without slanting. This will ensure the wood has top notch insulation and strength.

How the shingles are nailed down will also make a huge difference in how long the roof will last and how well it will perform. The shingles need to be nailed down in just the right place to guarantee longevity. Inexperienced roofers will nail the shingle down at the top, in turn weakening the tension. If the shingle warps from weather exposure or high winds lift the loose end up, the wood will either lift or crack.

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The type of nail used will also make a difference. Since wood absorbs water and holds onto it until it dries, the nails will stay wet for short periods of time. Over the years, this will create rusted nails if they're made with plain or coated steel. The best type of nails to use on cedar are stainless steel because they won't rust from moisture exposure. Finally, there's a debate on whether hammering the nail versus using a nail gun is important. Some experienced cedar roofers say that nail guns are just as effective as hammers, while more old fashioned types say that nail guns use too much pressure and drive the nail in too deeply.

The shingles are only one aspect of a roof. It doesn't matter how good the shingles are if the rest of the roof is deteriorated. Some roofs will need a moisture membrane while others will need to have their flashing updated far more often than they need the shingles replaced. The most important feature, however, is attic ventilation, which prevents damaging moisture problems from forming.

Cedar roofs are elegant, long lasting, and easy to maintain. If a good contractor starts the roofing process, it's almost guaranteed the roof will last for a very long time.

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