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Flat roof coatings can be a good roof investment component if homeowners choose the right type and manufacturer. They lower the roof temperature and extend the lifespan of a roof. There are a wide variety of roofing types and selecting the specific roof coating for a flat roof is not a straightforward task. The main problem occurs when finding the right coating adhesive for specific substrate materials. Homeowners should choose professional Somerset County roofers to help them figure out the best roof coating option for their flat roofs.

There are four popular roof coatings that homeowners can choose for their old or newly installed flat roofs. These include torch down, built up roof, liquid, and rubber coatings. There are several characteristics that make each of these roof coatings unique.

A built up roof coating consist of layers of waterproof plastic material which is alternated with roofing compound and gravel or hot tar. This flat roof coating is popular with many homeowners because of its cost effective nature. Another advantage is that it is easier to install.

Another category is a torch down roof coating.

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Also known as torch on roofing, this flat roof coating works like a self adherent membrane, but with the use of a torch. When it is installed, roofing contractors lay membranes one after another and seal them together with the hot torch. Torch on roofing is a reliable flat roofing style at a moderate price, although a concern worth mentioning is the fire danger of using a torch on a rooftop.

Rubber coating is also one of the popular types of flat roof coating. It is placed over a flat roof and spread evenly with a roller. It is considered the most effective type of coating applied to a flat roof. The only drawback is that it is relatively expensive to purchase and to install.

Liquid coating is another type of flat roof coating that homeowners could try in their homes. This option is used during reroofing, when a new coating is applied over old coating materials. Before any liquid coating material is applied, contractors first clean and patch the damage on the existing old roof material. Then, it is reinforced with the liquid coat.

In addition to the above common coatings for flat roofs, there are more flat roofing materials. Standing seam metal roofing, wooden shingles, and clay tiles can all be used on flat roofs. Homeowners should consult with a contractor to solve their roofing problems effectively.

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